No Bounds Care's mission is to be recognized as a leader in the provision of outstanding, multidisciplinary, healthcare services. By using an integrated approach, our committed and compassionate team of clinicians delivers an exceptional level of care to our clients which enhance human dignity and wellness. By empowering our clients we create a healthy environment that garners mutual respect, integrity, individuality and collective recognition, and personal growth. No Bounds Care, Inc. is committed to providing quality healthcare services to our consumers. Each family will be afforded services that will maximize their potential for success in the home and community.

No Bounds Care, Inc. is dedicated to implementing the most innovative strategies to assist children and adults to make decisions that are healthy for themselves and their family. No Bounds Care, is invested in becoming an active member in the communities served. It is our belief that each member of a community has a contribution. We have built a business on an unending commitment to provide extraordinary services to our clients, integrity and hard work. Compassion for one another is where all our jobs begin. Above all, we have a high degree of integrity in everything that we do, from providing continuum of  care for all clients to making decisions about the future of our company. Skill, compassion, respect, and integrity must be at the center of all that we do on a daily basis

No Bounds Care  philosophy is "a life in the community for everyone" and has adopted the philosophy of strengths-based person centered community care. No Bounds Care's unending commitment is to provide extraordinary services to our consumers. This is based upon the principle that people of all ages, gender, sex, religion socioeconomic status or culture with or at risk for mental illnesses or substance abuse disorders should have the opportunity for a healthy, fulfilling life that includes a home , job, and meaningful relationships with family and friends. No Bounds Care, Inc. promotes and supports services which improve outcomes that matter most in people’s lives; the ability to hold a job, to have a safe and stable place to live, to complete schooling, and to be an integral part of a community. No Bounds Care promotes resilience and recovery of a full life. Our vision and guiding principles were developed by stakeholders and No Bounds underlying goals is to encourage, teach, and empower people to improve their lives and create better futures.   

No Bounds Care, Inc. Corporate Compliance Department is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The goal of the Compliance Program is to provide guidance regarding compliance, ethics, and conduct to all our employees and contractors of No Bounds Care. No Bounds Care has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that its operations are conducted in accordance with NC Division of Medical Assistance standards, our local LMEs, and all applicable state and federal laws. To report a concern, complaint, or violation, or to contact our Compliance Department, please send an email to nobounds@bellsouth.net, or call the compliance hotline at:

(704) 663-5052.