No Bounds Care, Inc. is a domestic corporationĀ  thatĀ  has been providing mental health/substance abuse services for over 8 years. As a result, we are known for providing outstanding, multidisciplinary, comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services to our clients. The founders of No Bounds Care have an extensive background in the healthcare industry , specifically mental health and work as clinicians in different healthcare settings within the agency. Our momentum has helped build stronger communities by giving individuals affected by mental and emotional illness treatment, support, and opportunity to lead healthier lives. Our work is based on the knowledge that individuals who have a mental illness can, and do, recover through available, effective, culturally competent services that encourage self direction and hope.

No Bounds Care Inc. is committed to providing fiscally sound, quality responsive and efficient counseling services for individuals with mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse issues. No Bounds Care guiding principles are participant driven, community based, and prevention focused. Our values reflect the consensus of our stakeholders.

Board of Directors:
President/Executive Director - Denise Johnson
Vice President-Cherie Simmons
Secretary- Ashley Suwandi
Treasurer-Ken Darnell